• The Big Kahuna



                Throughout the school year we will be celebrating the uniqueness of each person in our classroom.  I have assigned every student in our class a special date.  You’ll find that date listed on the next page.  On this date your child will be recognized as our “Big Kahuna” for the day.  This day is designed to allow us an opportunity to learn about your child and for your child to have the chance to speak to his/her classmates about what makes them special.  You will find the requirements for this day listed below.  This should be a fun activity that allows us to become better acquainted with each other. 


    “Me Bag” Prior to the presentation the student should put 5-10 items in a bag.  These items should help tell a little about themselves.  (Trophies, pictures, awards, hobbies, toys, etc) During their presentation the student will take out each item and explain its importance.  You may want to practice with your child the night before.


    “The Spotlight”  After the presentation, the student will be responsible for decorating our bulletin board.  Their name will appear “in lights” for the rest of the class to admire.  The student may create a poster for display, display photos, or select various items from their presentation. OR, the student may create a PPT or movie to share with the class.


    “Semi-true story”  The student should write a true/false quiz similar to the one I created for myself and shared with the class as the start of the year.  I can make copies for the class, but I will need the quiz a day before the presentation.


    “Read Aloud”  The student should select a favorite childhood story to be read to the class. 



     Please do not provide treats for this day, and please leave the pets at home.

     Big Kahuna Dates