Please consider donating all things to the art room? One person's trash can become another person's treasured artwork!

    Items for Art Library:
    Old "how to draw" books, old coffee table art books, old animal books or animal magazines, art magazines

    Old Electronics or Tools:
    Blenders, Irons, pliers - any kind – hand tools (hammers, screw drivers)

    Magazines, Newspaper, Canvas boards, Crayons, Markers
    mpty toilet paper rolls – cardboard rolls of any kind, Sponges
    Fabric, Clean Yogurt Cups (Chobani are the best), Wallpaper books
    Plastic dishes or cans with lids, Zip-lock storage bags
    *Plastic lids and bottles caps of ALL colors and sizes-need lots for projects this year
    Old calendars with neat pictures, Books from hair stylists (full frontal faces and facial features), Old Cards