• Daily Assignments

    The primary resource for homework assignments is the Homework Assignment Book. This page serves as an additional resource and may or may not contain the most current information regarding homework assignments. It is your responsibility to record the daily homework assignments in the provided assignment book to be sure homework is completed on time.

     Color Coding Key:

    Blue = due tomorrow

    Green = due later in the week (day will be displayed)

    Red = test or quiz

    Orange = project

    Purple = reminder



    Tuesday, May 31, 2022


    Math (if Mrs. London is your Math teacher)
    Homework and Study Resources

    Make sure you have at least 2 DEAR books (chapter books) each day

    Read for 20 minutes


    No spelling this week
    Go to Spelling City website for games to practice and learn spelling words:
    Review your notes each night.
    Open notes test on Wednesday
    Wear sneakers on Friday for gym
    Instrument lessons on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - check the schedules for your time.