• What size instrument does my child need?

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    Most average sized 4th graders will need:
       1/2 violin
       12" viola
       1/2 cello
    If your child is above average in size:
       3/4 violin
       13" viola
      3/4 cello
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  • How are lessons scheduled?

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    4th Grade:
       • 4th grade students meet once a week for a  30 minute lesson during non-instructional time.
       • Lessons are scheduled during the lunch/recess period. 
          - "Lunch" lesson students will have lessons during the lunch period, and eat lunch during their regularly
             scheduled  recess time.
          - "Recess" lesson  students will come for lessons during recess.
    5th/6th Grade:
       • Students in 5th and 6th grade students meet once a week for a 30 minute lesson.
       • Lesson times rotate throughout the student day to ensure that students do not miss the same class period each week.
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