• Essential Questions First Marking Period
    • Building a Community of Writers
    1. What role does writing play in our lives?
    2. What routines/rituals do writers need to be successful?
    3. How do we develop into effective writers?
    4. How do we live as a community of writers?
    5. How do writers generate ideas for writing?
    • The Writing Process
    1. To what extent does the writing process contribute to the quality of writing?
    2. How do writers develop a seed idea/discovery draft from the writer's notebook?
    3. What can writers learn form other writers?
    4. How do writers revise their writing?
    5. How do writers know when they are "finished"?
    • Fiction Writing
    1. What are the elements of fiction writing?
    2. How does a writer select a topic for fiction writing?
    3. How does a writer enhance a fictional piece of writing?
    4. How does a writer utilize others to revise his/her fiction writing?