• Guidelines for Band Students and Parents

     Getting started for 2022-2023

    The CB Music Department is providing a helpful Infographic that will be sent home to all 5th and 6th grade students and their parents via email. This helpful tool will show you how to sign up as a beginning or intermediate band student, help you select the instrument that is right for you, and show you how to rent the instrument if you choose to use our district-preferred vendor. The sign up process is included on the Infographic and will send your student's name and chosen instrument to a file that I'll add to my class list. And should you be supplying your own musical instrument, the sign up process on the Infographic will let me know that as well.

    Lessons will be held weekly and are pull-out classes that meet on a rotating basis. These classes will be held in-person and will last 30 minutes. The class sizes will be small (usually 2 -6 students), and the academic work that the student misses due to the pull-out lesson will need to be made up by the student.

    Hopefully this information has answered some of your questions. Should you have more, please email me at plosch@cbsd.org, and I'll be happy to assist you in any way I can.


    Dear Band Parents and students, 
    Listed below are some helpful pointers for both students and parents that should be observed throughout the 2020-2021 school year.



                                                                        Student Responsibilities



    §  All instrumental students are required to attend all scheduled lessons. They will be prepared for each lesson with instrument, lesson book, and pencil. Student’s name should be clearly marked on both the book and instrument case.


    §  Students are required to attend all performances and large group rehearsals to prepare for concerts. These rehearsals are sometimes scheduled outside of the school day.


    §  Note: Students with three or more unexcused absences from lessons, rehearsals or concerts may be dropped from the program at the instrumental music teacher’s discretion.


    §  To make progress, practice is essential.  A minimum of 30 minutes daily practice is recommended.  Students need to practice the lesson material assigned and dated in their books.


    §  Proper care and maintenance of the instrument is critical.  Keep it in good playing condition.


    §  Reed players should have at least two good reeds with their instrument at all times, and also an appropriate cleaning swab.  Cork joints should be checked regularly and the cork should be greased as needed.


    §  Brass players are expected to have all valves and slides in playing condition at all times.  A container of valve oil should be kept with the instrument.


    §  Percussion players need two matching sticks, size 5A, two matching bell mallet sticks, and a practice pad.


    §  String players need rosin.  An extra set of strings is recommended.


                                                                                Parent Support


    §  Please help your child remember his or her lesson day and encourage daily practice.


    §  Parents are not expected to listen to every practice session, but it is helpful if you are aware of the dated assignments in the lesson book.


    §  If you have an objection to your child playing a particular selection in the book, please place your initials and date in the margin and indicate, “Please Excuse”. This should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid conflicts.


    §  If you choose to have your child change instruments or to stop taking lessons, please put your decision in writing and send it to your child’s instrumental music teacher.


    §  Neither the school district nor the teaching staff assumes any responsibility for the safety of a privately owned, rented or leased instrument. Therefore, students must be especially careful in handling, transporting, and storing instruments.  Instruments should not be left in school overnight.


    §  If you have any questions or concerns at any time relating to the instrumental program, please feel free to contact the instructor.  In addition to daily practice and the proper maintenance of instruments, our combined efforts are vital to assure your child’s success.


    §  Please note: All students are expected to continue participation through the final performance in 6th grade to be eligible for band and orchestra in 7th grade.