• Helpful Hints For String Students
       *Bring instrument, book, and pencil to lessons each week.
       *Practice 15 - 20 minutes, 5 days per week.
       *Attend Lessons each week!
         5th & 6th Grade Students:
              In case of a schedule conflict:
                 1. Try to work it out with your homeroom teacher first.
                 2. If no success, see me at the beginning of the day, and I will try to reschedule you with
                        a different group.
    Practice Tips:
       * PLAY your instrument 15- 20 minutes a day, 5 days per week.
         (The more you practice, the better you get; the better you get
         the better you sound; the better you sound, the more you're going
         want to play!)
       * Schedule practice into your daily routine!
          (Before school, after school, after dinner, before screen time-
          whatever works best for you!)
       * Play for an encouraging audience - parents, pets, family, and
       * Watch yourself play your instrument in front of a mirror.
          Good posture + Good Bowing = Good Sound!
    Instrument Care:
       * Handle with care! - String instruments are made of thin wood, so
          please be careful! 
    Always protect the bridge.
       * Always store your instrument in its case. (Bow tip should go in
          first- latch it at the frog!)
       * Keep your instrument clean! Clean all rosin dust from the
          instrument, strings and bow stick with a clean, soft cloth.
       * Not too hot, not too cold! Protecting your instrument from
          extreme temperatures will help to keep it in tune.
       * Do not try to tune your instruments. Your teacher will do it for you
          each week!