Ms. Cartee-Haring: rcarteeharing@cbsd.org


    Dear Student-

    This is an exciting and stressful time for you as you begin to think about your next step in life!  I am more than happy to write recommendations, but I need you to think about a few things. 

    Make sure that I am the best person to write this recommendation for you and keep in mind that I teach mostly juniors and so I am typically asked to write many recommendations.  Please only ask me to write this if you know that you need it and if at any time you realize that you do not need it, let me know that as well. 

    I try to write recommendations for all students who ask and complete my requirements, but time is always a factor.  Students need to allow me two weeks minimum to complete the letter.  I cannot guarantee a letter the needs to be completed in less than that time.

    Please take time to complete the following tasks.  Incomplete, messy or lackluster responses will impact the letter that I write on your behalf. 

    In order for me to write your recommendation, I need you to complete ALL of the following TWO weeks in advance at minimum (find these in the word document attached here or the pdf version attached here)and bring everything to me in A201: 

    • Complete the College Information Sheet on the next page 
    • Answer the Written Response Questions - take your time and be thoughtful.  I often use these in the letter.  The time you take on this will determine how much time I spend on your letter- so be reflective and SPECIFIC.
    • Fill out all of the recommendation forms from the college applications- do all that you can do including the school address and phone number (375 West Court Street, Doylestown, Pa. 18901  267-893-2500 ext. 2645).  Please write my name (Rebecca Cartee-Haring) and email (rcarteeharing@cbsd.org)-just leave the signature empty.  Write the course I taught you in and how long we have known each other.  Finally, make sure you check that you waive the right to review the recommendation.
    • If the recommendations need to be mailed and are not electronic, bring addressed envelops (please give me the peel and stick envelops) with stamps- make the return address the school’s. Please make sure your are organized and it is clear which forms go with each envelope. 

    Once I have EVERYTHING from you, I will put your name on a list and complete the recommendations in that order. Please make sure you talk to me in person and deliver all of this information to me A201.  Do NOT just email me the information.

    I also ask that you let me know your final college choice before you graduate.  I wish you the best of luck! 


    Ms. Cartee-Haring