• What is it?

    Concepts of Print refers to the way printed words and letters are used and the rules they follow. Children learn to turn the pages of a book a certain way. They learn to read from left to right and top to bottom. Children understand the difference between letters, words, and sentences, and they learn that printed words have meaning,

    Why is it important?

    Understanding the concepts of print is necessary in order for a child to learn to read and write independently.

    What can we do at home?

    Children usually pick up this skill easily by watching what another reader does, so reading aloud and explaining what you are doing as you read is very helpful.

    Sit side-by-side, and start by looking at the cover of the book and talking about the title, author, and illustrator. As you read the book, point to the words.This teaches where to start on a page and how to move to the next page. It also shows that you aren't just making up the story as you go along - you are reading the print! Soon enough, you might ask your child to point to the first word on the page or the last word on the page. You might even ask your child to count the number ofwords in a particular line.

    Finally, read those favorites over and over! Children love to hear stories many times. It's like when your child carries a worn out blanket to bed, puts on a comfortable old sweatshirt, or orders the same thing every time at a restaurant. He knows what he's getting, and he knows he will like it. He's also learning that because of print, the story does not change. Soon enough, your child may have even memorized the book, and then he can point to the words and "read" to you.