• Alfonso
    Alfonso is a Globe Trekker monkey who helps Mr. Levy's students learn about geography, writing, and Google Earth.  He was adopted on March 6, 2013, shortly after the unfortunate death of Pierre, the original Globe Trekker monkey.  
    R.I.P. PIERRE  2005-2013
    Students may take Alfonso home with them on weekends and vacations.  To do so, parents must send a note or email requesting Alfonso.  Please include the date(s) and location.  Please send this note or email about a week or two before your trip.  Alfonso does not take reservations, so please do not tell Mr. Levy in October about a trip that you are planning for May!  If two or more students request Alfonso for the same weekend, Mr. Levy will randomly select Alfonso's destination by picking a name out of a hat.  Students are permitted to take Alfonso two times during the school year. 

    If you take Alfonso somewhere, you will be required to bring back:
    (1) Alfonso,

    (2) a photograph (4" x 6" works well) of you and Alfonso in front of something fun.  Other people may be in the photo, but it must contain at least the student and Alfonso.  On the back of the photo, write the date that the photo was taken and the city/state.  This photo will be added to our album, and you will not get it back.

    3) a typed, edited, printed paragraph explaining the picture and briefly describing the trip or event.  Save this to your computer in case you have to make changes to it after we review it together.  This paragraph will also be added to Alfonso's album.
    (4) Take a photo of just Alfonso with no people in it in front of something interesting.  Email the photo to Mr. Levy at dlevy@cbsd.org to be used on this web page.  Students will be identified by their initials rather than their names.  See the photo galleries below for samples.
    Submit the above items within two or three days of your return, and be prepared to tell the class a highlight of your trip.  If you took Alfonso to a place that he has never been to, we will put a red pin in the map.  We will also use Google Earth to show the class where you went.  Enjoy!