This year, PSSA tests will be administered to 5th graders at Doyle on April 24, 25, 26 (Reading/Language Arts), and April 29, 30 (Math).  If at all possible, please refrain from taking your child out of school for appointments and vacations during these testing sessions.  Thank you!
    PSSA assessments for both the Reading/Language Arts and the Math PSSAs will be administered with paper/pencil this year.
    Be prepared with...
    -several sharpened #2 pencils with clean erasers
    -a yellow highlighter (optional) 
    -a book or two to read in case you finish the test early (no electronic readers and no drawing)
    -a small pocket-size pack of tissues and a zip-lock bag to use as a personal trash bag (optional)
    *Cell phones and/or wearable technology (such as smart watches) are NOT permitted to be with the student during testing.  It is advised that if you usually have a cell phone, you leave it at home on testing days.  If you must bring a cell phone to school, please know that it will be collected and held by the teacher for the day.  The cell phone must be off (not just silenced, but OFF).
    Helpful Hints
    -Get a good night's sleep each night before the tests. If you can, go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier than you usually do.
    -Eat a healthy breakfast.
    -Right before each test, "drain the tank."
    -If you get nervous, practice breathing deeply (in through the nose, out through the mouth).
    -Don't panic.
    -Never skip a question.
    -Read each question and all answer choices carefully before clicking the END TEST button.
    -Use the process of elimination to cross off wrong answers.
    -Remember... you are prepared and your hard work has made you ready for success!