• 2nd Grade Back to School Night


    Back to School Night Presentation


    Attendance, Early Dismissal, Late Arrival

    If you know your child is going to be absent, is going to leave early, or will be late to school, please enter this information in the Parent Portal.  You may receive a message that says there is a waiting window for your absence approval.  Mrs. Fortunado reviews entries throughout the day.  By entering attendance information in the Parent Portal you no longer need to send an excuse note to school when your child is absent. 

    You are still able to reach out to Mrs. Fortunado in the Titus Office via phone (267-893-4500) or email (lfortunado@cbsd.org) for assistance with attendance.  


    Dismissal Changes

    If your child has a change in dismissal, please call the Titus office (267-893-4500) or send in a written note to our classroom.  Email is the last resort for dismissal changes; however, if sending an email is necessary, please include the office staff on your email (Mrs. West, Mrs. Glasgow, and/or Mrs. Fortunado).  If I am out of the building, a substitute teacher will not have access to my email and the office staff will ensure that adult in our classroom is aware of the dismissal change.


    Snack, Lunch, and Water

    We will have a snack break every day.  Please send a healthy snack and a refillable bottle of water to school with your child each day.  I have individual packs of goldfish and small bottles of water in our classroom for anyone who forgets their snack.  Breakfast and lunch are available again this year, free of charge, for all Titus students.  Please use the buttons in the top right corner of our webpage to view the lunch menu.