• Algebra 2 / Trigonometry 1 Syllabus

     I. Materials

    • Textbook: Algebra 2, McDougal Littell
    • Three-ring binder for handouts and assignment book to record HW and due dates
    • Scientific and Graphing Calculators – The use of a calculator is an integral part of this course and it is highly recommended that you own one and bring it to class every day.  I recommend you purchase a graphing calculator as these can help solve many of the problems we complete.
    • Note – Cell phones may not be used as calculators in class

    II. Grading Procedures
    Formative Assessments (20%) consist of the learning activities in which students engage in order to gain understanding and comprehension of new content.
    • Homework Assignments – Exactly six HW problems will be assigned every night of the week requiring approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Five HW assignments will be checked per Unit, each will be worth a total of 5 points for 25 total points per Unit.  Credit will be given based on completion and showing the necessary work – no points are deducted for incorrect solutions.
    • HW Solutions are posted online and it is a student’s responsibility to check their answers each night. Students may receive partial-credit for late HW (must be turned in before completing the Unit Test). 

    Summative Assessments (80%) consist of the academic achievement activities students complete to show their mastery of subject material after learning/studying has occurred. 

    • Unit Assessments – At the completion of each Unit, students will be assessed in three ways for a total of 100 points. See details of each portion of the assessments below:
    • Pretests – Assigned in class the day prior to a Unit Test and completed in groups without the use of textbook/notes. Pretests are worth 20 points.  Absent students will be excused from the Pretest but will use this assessment as preparation for when they make-up the Unit Test.
    • Study Tests – Assigned as homework the night prior to a Unit Test and completed with the use of textbook/notes. Study Tests are worth 20 points.
    • Unit Tests – Traditional, in-class, paper-pencil test. Unit Tests are worth 60 points.
    • Unit Quizzes – Unit Quizzes will be assigned in each Unit.  Unit Quizzes total 50 points per Unit.
    • Study Book – Students are required to keep an up-to-date Study Book which will be collected and graded at various times throughout the semester. Study Book Guidelines will be distributed with more details.
    • Core Concepts Checkpoints – Assess student progress and improvement throughout the semester on forty core concepts. Students will receive a total score for each concept composed of their top two individual checkpoint scores for that concept. Students will receive an overall percentage for all forty concepts which will be recorded as a 100-point assessment.