• Hero Hall of Fame

    Students read about a variety of different heroes during our Lead 21 Unit 6.  They learned all about what it takes to be a hero and how so many people have worked hard to give back to their communities and the world.  Each student selected a hero to research, gather photos, and create a Photo Story to convince a pannel of judges (the class and Ms. Parkton) that their hero has what it takes to be inducted into the "Hero Hall of Fame".
    Watch the video below to start collecting and gathering images for your Photo Story.  The second video shows you how to use Photo Story once your images have been found and saved.  Good luck!
  • Verb Assessment
    Students should know:
    • types of verbs: action, linking, and helping verbs
    • how to write verbs in past, present, and future tense
    • difference between regular and irregular verbs
    • how to change verbs to match singular and plural subjects 
    Assessment Review Game
    Animal Research
    -asking questions about partner's research to add more details to animal research 
    - Click on this link to find websites to use for your animal research. Third Grade Websites
  • Sensory Details

    Can your words take someone to a new place?  Help them feel a cool breeze or crunch a salty pretzel?  Try it out!
    1. Select a location or photograph and do not show your partner.
    2. Show, not tell what the place is like using details from all five senses.
    3. Trade and guess!


  • Personal Narratives
    This marking period students worked so hard to develop writing ideas, select a personal memory that is special to them, and then turn it into a published piece.  Students shared their piece with one another and gathered all sorts of positive praise.  These published works will be on display during conferences. 
  • Writing andLanguage Arts

    • Throughout each writing unit and the writing process, we strive to build a strong community of writers. 
    • Third graders work through the writing process while giving and receiving regular feedback from students and the teacher.
    • Students learn to write for a variety of purposes and situations.
    • Integrated in all units are a variety of grammar skills and instruction.
  • Amazing Adjectives
    Check-out one of the activities the students did in order to practice using a variety of adjectives to write descriptively.  You could easily do the same sort of activity with your child at home!
    • Step 1: Draw a detailed illustration of a character that could star in a fantasy story.
    • Step 2: List 2-3 adjectives for the different parts listed (nose, body, voice, face, etc.)
    • Step 3: Trade illustrations and adjective lists with writing partner.  Add at least 3 new adjectives to each other's list. 
    • Step 4: Trade back.  Write a paragraph describing your own character using as many of the listed adjectives as possible.
    • Step 5: Circle the adjectives and evaluate the number and consistency of adjectives use.