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  • Hello first graders! I'm thrilled to be your teacher this year! We have so many exciting things to learn in first grade! I'm looking forward to creating MANY great classroom memories with all of you! Below, I will share some facts about ME so you can get to know me better! 


    I was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We lived near the Plymouth Rock and Mayflower - Home of the Pilgrims! When I was five, we moved to Seattle, Washington where I went to elementary school. I used to love visiting the Space Needle, taking ferry rides, and shopping at the Pike Place Market. When I was in sixth grade, we moved to Nazareth, Pennsylvania where I attended middle school and high school. I went to college at Drexel University in Philadelphia where I studied to become a teacher. I also studied accounting (lots of math) by earning a business degree. I earned my Master's Degree in teaching in June 2009 from Wilkes University. I LOVE to learn, and I LOVE to teach all of you! 


    I have three sons, Conner, William, and Andrew.  I love to play with them, and savor the simple joy of watching the boys play together as brothers.  They are busy boys and love to explore.  We all enjoy trips to the local parks, libraries, carnivals, and family vacations.  What else do I love and enjoy doing? I enjoy spending time with my older sister, Suzanne.  Suzanne got married at Holly Hedge Estate, and I had the great honor of being her Matron of Honor.  It was one of my favorite memories with my Big Sis.  When she lived in Hoboken, I loved to visit her in New York City to see broadway shows, shop, eat at new restaurants, and explore the city.  Now she lives two minutes from my house! Suzanne is my best friend. 


    I love to...travel! I am an explorer! I love to learn about new cultures and places! Some of my favorite destinations are Alaska, Ireland, Mexico, California, Florida, Jersey shore, London, Bermuda, St. John, and Jamaica.  I also love to read and write in my spare time. Shopping is fun, too!

    I hope you enjoyed reading about me. Feel free to ask me questions about my interests and hobbies! Throughout the year, I will share many stories about my past experiences, as well as my hopes and dreams for the future. I look forward to learning about you, and what you love about life and learning!


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