• Food labs can be made up by either preparing the recipe that was made in class at home or by summarizing an article approved by the teacher.
    1.  Food Lab Make Up Option:  Students choosing to make up the lab at home will need to get the recipe from the appropriate section of my website, video all the required parts by using the directions below, complete the recipe at home and follow all the directions to share it with me.


    Create a video on your cell phone to THEN create a PPT so that each task below has its own slide with its own video.  THEN you must SHARE the PPT with me via Office 365.

    Video MUST have you in it and must include:
    At least two of each - measuring liquids, dry, and moist ingredients
    Mise en place of all ingred and tools
    All directions (stir, blend, saute, stir fry, bake (NOT the entire time, just putting it in and taking it out)
    Finished food in cooking/baking pan
    Finished food on plate
    Washing/Drying at least 3 different pieces of equipment (measuring, cooking/baking, serving).
    Eating the food

    Click the link above for all directions.