Course Description and Overview

    This 18 week course is a required course that all sophomores not taking AP Europe need to pass for graduation.  The Academic course is a 1 credit course.  The Honors course is a one-credit weighted (1.25) honors level Social Studies course.The course is designed to allow students with a variety of strengths and skills an opportunity for real success.   The course features a multi pronged approach to learning the material, which is designed to touch upon many different learning styles and abilities.   The subject matter of the course takes the student on a journey beginning with the Enlightenment up through the modern day.

    The Units of Study include:
    I.   Seeds of Change- the emergence of the first Global Age
    II.  Enlightenment and Revolution (1700-1850)
    III. Industrialism and Imperialism: A new age (1800-1914)
    IV. World War I:  Cause and Effect (World Wars and Revolutions (1914-1955)
    V.  Interwar Years:  The Road to War- Nationalism and Revolution (1919-1939)
    VI. World War II and its Aftermath
    VII. The World Since 1945


Course Materials