• Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    Mrs. Toub




    Due to an increasingly diverse world, companies are planning a variety of unique promotional activities to reach their clients. Becoming involved with event marketing through concerts, theater, movies, videos, sports television, and radio is one of the most effective ways any company can market its products


    During this course you will:


    • Gain insight into the skills required to be successful in this highly competitive field.
    • Understand the marketing tools used in the industry.
    • Learn about and conduct marketing research.
    • Discover the varied and numerous career opportunities in this field.
    • Design promotional strategies for sports and entertainment events.



    Topics – Sports Marketing, Entertainment Marketing, Worldwide events, S&E strategies, recruiting athletes and entertainers, advertising and placement, sponsorships, promotional events,  and Sports& Entertainment legal issues.


    Speakers/Field Trip – we will be taking a field trip to the Lincoln Financial Center, QVC or Trenton Thunder.  You will be responsible for preparing a marketing plan prior to the field trip.  This plan involves developing an appropriate target, print/broadcast media’s, organizational marketing, etc. 


    Mid-Term/Final – you will be responsible for putting together a sports/entertainment project.


    As was the case in Introduction to Marketing, this class will require you to “do” something; that is, to demonstrate your knowledge by actually performing a task or creating a project.  You will be graded on how you conduct yourself and contribute to group work.



    ·         Homework assignments (5-10 points)

    ·         Quizzes (20-30 points)

    ·         Projects (30-60 points each)

    ·         Field Trip Marketing Plan (100 points)



    ·         Students are expected to respect one another and the property within the room

    ·         Students are expected to act as responsible adults


    Respect and responsibility revolve around 99.9% of everything you do and say.  Treat each other as you want to be treated!



    Please remember when you are absent, 1 ½ hours of valuable class time is lost.  It is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Toub regarding missed assignments/homework.