Central Bucks High School West - Marketing

    Mrs. Toub

    CONTACT INFORMATION: RTOUB@CBSD.ORG and/or (267) 893-6275



    Marketing is an introductory business course that will:

    • Teach students marketing foundations and functions

    • Set the stage for further study of marketing in higher education

    • Introduce students to the real world of work to help them prepare for a marketing career



      Students will explore the marketing practices and principles at both the retail and industrial level providing an overview to the importance of marketing to the business world.



      Weeks 1 – 3 will be devoted to learning marketing concepts, essentials and the domestic marketplace (chapters 1-6).


      Weeks 3-6 will focus on distribution channels, types of distribution, pricing strategies, pricing math, marketing research, product planning, branding, packaging and labeling (chapters 24-25, 29-35).


      Weeks 6-9 will introduce the selling/sales process, product presentation, handling customer’s questions/objections, promotion and advertising/media.


      Final Presentation: Students have the option of pairing with another student or completing the final presentation on their own. This presentation is a culmination of what has been learned throughout the nine week course. Each group will develop, market, sell, promote, etc. a new product and formally present it to the class. Students are required to submit a detailed written report describing the product and how they anticipate making it a success in the marketplace.



    • Students are expected to respect one another and the property within the room

    • Students are expected to act as responsible adults


      Respect and responsibility revolve around 99.9% of everything you do and say. Treat each other as you want to be treated!



    • Quizzes (20-30 points)

    • Unit Tests (100 points each)

    • Projects (30-60 points each)

    • Final Presentation (170 points)



      Please remember when you are absent, 1 ½ hours of valuable class time is lost. It is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Toub regarding missed assignments/assessments. All assignments must be made up within a five day period. If make up work is not completed within that time period, no credit will be earned.