High School & College Computer Skills

    Central Bucks High School West

    Mrs. Toub



    High School & College Computer Skills is designed for students preparing for success in high school, college and beyond through efficient use of computer software.  Students will experience important “next steps” using keyboarding, word processing, excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.  Students will also have the opportunity to create wikis, blogs and podcasts.  Finally, students will study college planning concepts and career options. 



    ·         Students are expected to respect one another and the property within the room

    ·         Students are expected to act as responsible adults


    Respect and responsibility revolve around 99.9% of everything you do and say.  Treat each other as you want to be treated!



    Please remember when you are absent, 1 ½ hours of valuable class time is lost.  It is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Toub regarding missed assignments/homework. Please refer to school handbook regarding class cuts.



    Keyboarding/Microsoft Word  

    • Creating Word documents using tables, Smart Art and formatting styles
    • Generating Mail Merges using form letters
    • Creating  Professional Newsletters

    Microsoft Excel 

    • Financial functions, data tables, & amortization schedules
    • Sorting and querying a worksheet database
    • Using templates in worksheets and workbooks


    • Creating informative & persuasive presentations
    • Applying various themes, backgrounds, animations, transitions
    • Working with outlines

    College Planning/Career Options

    • Determine interests and skills
    • Match results with corresponding colleges/careers
    • Create photo story of results


           24 Hour Make-up

           Earn up to 50% of total points

           100% = 50%