Central Bucks High School West – Consumer Law


    Mrs. Toub


    CONTACT INFORMATION: RTOUB@CBSD.ORG and/or (267) 893-6275




    Introduces the evolution of law, ethics in the business world, and discrimination

    Introduces the binding of contracts, sales law and employment law, covering the rights of the businesses who have employees and the rights of employees themselves.
    Introduces the legal forms of business organization, the law of corporations, and organizational forms for small businesses.
    Introduces how to borrow money, covers secure and unsecurecredit transactions, and teaches students the spectrum of creditors, debtors, and bankruptcy.
    Experience the US legal system first hand via field trip to Doylestown Court House





    Unit 1 focus - learning law justice & you; our legal system, ethics in our law, criminal laws and personal injury laws (chapters 1-6).

    Unit 2 focus - fundamental of contracts; offer and acceptance, genuine agreements, and law of capacity (chapters 7 – 10)
    Unit 3 focus - the enforcement of contracts; legality of contracts, written contracts, contractual duties and how courts enforce contracts (chapters 11-14)
    Unit 4 focus - forms of business organization; creating, running & terminating a corporation; and bankruptcy (chapters 31 – 34)



    Students are expected to respect one another and the property within the room

    Students are expected to act as responsible adults
    Respect and responsibility revolve around 100% of everything you do and say. Treat each other as you want to be treated!


    • Quizzes (20-30 points)
    • Unit Tests 40-50 points each)
    • Projects (30-60 points each)


    • Please remember when you are absent, 1 ½ hours of valuable class time is lost. It is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Toub regarding missed assignments/assessments. All assignments must be made up within a five day period. If make up work is not completed within that time period, no credit will be earned.