• MOTION in 2D

    Fire in the hole! Let's learn the physics of projectile motion and see if a bullet dropped and a bullet fired from the same height at the same time really hit the ground together. Also in this unit, uniform circular motion. Why does an object move in a circle?

    Unit Outline

    Day 1 - 5/14
    IPOD #37Freefall review
    New seats
    Review Newton’s Laws test
    Demo: Ball launching
    Video: Ball drop/Ball Fire
    Notes, Slides 1-3:
    Intro to projectiles
    : Projectiles – Practice Sheet 1 (Type 1) (for website: Projectiles – Practice 1)
    Notes, Slide 4:
    Facts for Type 1Projectiles
    DVD:  Flares dropped from an airplane          

    Day 2 - 5/15
    IPOD #38
    Type 1 Projectiles (reference to PhET Projectile Motion Simulation)
    DVD:  Ball & Mast
     Flares in a Snowmobile
    PhET Simulation: Projectile Motion
    Video: Mythbusters – Bullet dropped vs. Bullet fired horizontally 

    Day 3 - 5/16
    IPOD #39
    True/False projectile concepts
    Tennis Cannon
    Set up Core Assessment for tomorrow
    Individual Part CORE 3 Type 1 Projectiles

    Day 4 - 5/17
    Group Part CORE 3Type 1 Projectiles
    : Review – Projectiles

    Day 5 - 5/20
    Wrap up Projectile Core Assessment
    Demo: Ballistics Cart
    Notes, Slide 7: Facts for Type 2 Projectiles
    Notes, Slide 8: example problem
    Worksheet: Projectiles – Practice Sheet 3, mixed (honors) (for website: Projectiles – Practice 3)

    Day 6 - 5/21
    Unit 7 Lab Quest Projectiles (Type 2 launchers

    Day 7 - 5/22
    Review Core 3/Projectile Quiz
    :  Tennis Ball on String   OR   Circle Board
    Notes, Slides 1-5
    : Intro to UCM, variables, equations
    Fan Cart with bubble level first
    Demo: Green ‘lazy susan’ with levels
    Notes, Slides 6-7
    : Centripetal acceleration & force
    : Reading – Inertia & the Right Hand Turn
    : Inertia & the Right Hand Turn (1/3 paper) 

    Day 8 - 5/23
    Lab – Circular Motion
    PLQ – Fc vs. speed…answered as a group

    Day 9 - 5/24
    IPOD #40
    Uniform Circular Motion
    Fan Cart with bubble level first
    Review Inertia & Right Hand Turn worksheet
    Notes, Slides 9-12: 
    Lab Relationships, Circular Equations, concepts and example problems
    Demo: Green ‘lazy susan’ with levels & coins
    : Circular Motion – Problem Sheet 1 (Horiz Circles)
    HW: finish worksheet

    Day 10 - 5/28
    :  The Centripetal Force Requirement
    Notes Vertical Circular Motion
    – see attached notes
    Demos: Tennis Ball on string, Penny on hanger, Bucket of water, Orange bed with plastic cup and water.
    Notes, Slides 26-27:
    Vertical Circles, ball on a string
    Notes, Slides 30-31:
    Vertical Circles, roller coaster & ferris wheel
    Worksheet: Mathematics of Circular Motion Problem #s: 1 (b, e, h, i)
    YouTube Video:
    Physicist drops from a building….saved by UCM concepts!

    UCM Quiz tomorrow

    Day 11 - 5/29
    IPOD #41
    Uniform Circular Motion math
    Unit 7 Lab Quest UCM (flying pigs)



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