• Welcome to Photography 1!
    Virtual/ Hybrid Learning Update

    You will be learning how to use the MANUAL functions of a camera in this class. If we were in school full time, we’d be using film and the darkroom. For this course, a Digital SLR or Film SLR camera is still strongly recommended, because we will be spending most of our time learning, discussing and using those functions! If you are absolutely unable to get a camera due to financial reasons, I have a few to lend. Please reach out to me after our first day of class and we will discuss! We will also be using phone cameras for some projects, so keep those phones charged! 

    For FULL In-Person Learning (date TBD)
    Please note that you will need a fully manual 35 mm SLR FILM camera by the second week of class (you should be able to set the shutter speed, aperture and focus). Don't worry about fancy lenses, a 50mm is typical for the class. Feel free to bring others if you have them, but they are not required. Make sure you have a working battery, especially if your camera hasn't been used in a long time. Used and new cameras can be purchased at the stores below or online.
    Supplies need for class are available at the school store. Students may purchase supplies with a credit card through West's School Store or they can purchase at the school store during their lunch.
    These are the materials that are required are:
    1 pack Photo Paper (pearl or glossy)- $17
    3 rolls of 400 speed film- $5 each
    3 negative preservers- $.25 each 
    If you are purchasing supplies in town or online, please contact me directly for a list of films and papers that are compatible with our chemistry.
    If you have financial concerns or any questions regarding your camera, please email me at sferraro@cbsd.org anytime!
    Some useful resources for purchasing new and used cameras:
    Rutherford’s-215-348-4221- http://www.rutherfordcamera.com/

    Other locations:

    Cardinal Camera-215-855-4818 - http://cardinalcamera.com/
    New York Camera-215-357-6222 - http://www.nycv.com
    Allen's Camera-  215-547-2841- http://allenscamera.com/






    Check out this Camera Graphic for a diagram of an SLR