• The Sun and Star Evolution

    Sun Rotation   
    Day 1 Tuesday 9/3/19
    I will identify topics that we will cover in Astronomy
    Assign Seats
    Read Syllabus
    Distribute Textbooks
    Log onto computers, Quia.com, One-Note, This website
    Icebreaker Activity- Spaceship
    Day 1a Wednesday 9/4/19
    I will describe how Sun becomes active and dormant and what effects this plays on Earth.
    Reading: Here Comes the Sun
    Notes- Sun in Bulk, Solar Interior
    HW: Sun, Stars Vocab. quiz
    Day 2 Thursday 9/5/19
    I will identify how solar systems can disrupt Earth based activity.
    Review HW Progress
    Notes: Solar Interior
    Lab: Sunspots
    HW: Sun, Stars Vocab. quiz


    Day 3 Friday 9/6/19
    I will collaborately graph and determine patterns of sunspots over the past 300 years.
    Review HW

    Lab: 'Sunspots' Fiish
    More recent data: Nasa Data
    Hyperspace New Worlds
    Notes: The Solar Interior
    HW: Sun, Stars Vocab. quiz
    Day 4 Monday 9/9/19
    I will identify the various layers of the Sun and what occurs at each layer.
    HW Progress
    Notes- The Active Sun, Heart of Sun, Temp and Color
    Hyperspace: Boldly Go
    HW: Sun, Stars Vocab. quiz
    Day 5 Tuesday 9/10/19
    I will identify and categorize the different types of stars in the universe. 
    Hyperspace Boldly Go
    Notes- Stellar Sizes, Luminosity and Brightness
    Lab: Spectroscopy of Stars and Galaxies
    Day 6 
    I will identify how color of a star determines its temperature and create the visible spectrum of a star.
    Notes- Temp and Color
    Spectroscopy of Stars and Galaxies
    HW: Finish Spec. of S&G and eletro
    Day 7 Wednesday 9/11/19
    I will identify different ionized elements through a spectroscope.
    Review Spec. of Stars and Galaxies
    Notes- Classification of Stars
    Lab: 'Electromagnetic Spectrum'
    HW: Finish Elect. Spectrum, and Spec. of Stars and Galaxies; Quia: "Life Cycle Flow Chart
    Day 8 Thursday 9/12/19 
    I will use data from the spectrum of a star to determine what type of star it should be classified as.
    Check HW
    Interactive: Elect. Spectrum,
    Spectrum and Temperature Interactive
    Notes- HR Diagram
    HW: Finish Interactive, "Life Cycle Flow Chart
    Day 9 Friday 9/13/19 
    I will input different size requirements and metal content to determine the type of star.
    Notes- Extending the Cosmic Distance Scale, Stellar Mass
    Quiz: Sun and Stars
    Notes- Stellar Evolution
    HW: "Life Cycle Flow Chart
    Day 10 Monday 9/16/19 
    I will plot star on an HR diagram based on their surface temperature and brightness.
    Review HW
    Start Lab: HR Diagram
    HW: Quia: Life Cycle Flow Chart;  HR Diagram WS
    Day 11 Tuesday 9/17/19 
    I will make conclusions based on my HR diagram plot.
    Notes- Stellar Explosions, Neutron Stars, Black Holes
    HW: Quia HR Diagram WS; Study for Test + Pack
    Day 12 Wednesday 9/18/19 
    I will apply concepts of the unit on the assessment
    Sun-Stars Unit Test
    Introduce the Final Project

    Movie Time! Intstellar
    HW: Final Presentation Mission
     Sun/Stars Pack
    1. Here Comes the Sun, reading
    2. Hyperspace
    3. Spectroscopy of Stars and Galaxies
    4. Electromagnetic Spectrum
    6. Interactive Spectrum
    7. HR Diagram
    8.  Black Hole WS
    Day 13-14 Thursday 9/19/19-Friday 9/20/19