Unit 3- The Solar System and Beyond
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    Day 1 Friday/Monday 9/23/19
    I will compare and contrast jovian versus terrestrial planets and determine where Pluto fits into this scheme.
    Finish Interstellar
    Astro Final Mission Project: Research

    Notes- Inventory of SS-Terrestrial vs. Jovian
    Research SS Data Table

    HW: Quia: SS Vocab ; Final Mission Topic
    Day 2 Tuesday 9/24/19
    I will identify how density of planets affects orbital properties and appearance
    Review HW
    Return Sun/Star Test
    Lab: Density and Composition of the Planets Activity
    Notes- Planetary Properties
    Work on Data Table-Planets
    HW: Vocab Quia.com + Finish Planet Data Table; Final Mission  
    Day 3 Wednesday 9/25/19
    I will describe the mounting evidence that determined the definition of a planet in the known solar system.
    Review HW
    Scientific Notation Practice

    Reading: Beyond Pluto and Moon for the 10th Planet
    If time: Mars Habitat Article

    Research: Planet Data Table
    Notes- Interplanetary Debris
    HW: See Day 1 and 2


    Day 4 Thursday 9/26/19
    I will identify and describe solar system debris.
    Review HW
    Video: Hyperspace Survival
    Notes- Asteroids
    HW: See Day 2 + Planetary Data Table; Final Mission
    Day 5 Tuesday 10/1/19
    I will diagram the different parts of a comet.
    Reminders: Final Project Proposals due day 9
    Review HW
    Quiz #3- Solar System
    Notes- Comets
    Hyperspace Survival
    Notes- Meteoroids-Evolution of SS
    HW: Final Project Proposal
    Additional reading on Meteorites: Rock Hunt


    Day 6 Wednesday 10/2/19
    I will describe different theories on how our solar system possibly formed.
    Review HW
    Notes- Evolution of Solar System
    Hyperspace Survival
    Scene from D.I.
    HW: Final Project Proposal


    Day 7 Thursday 10/3/19
    I will identify methods and describe how they are used to detect exoplanets.
    Review all vocab
    Notes- SS Formation, Exoplanets
    Exoplanets Activity- Data- http://exoplanet.eu/catalog/?f
    Alternate site Data http://exoplanets.org/table
    Parameter Descriptions
    HW: Final Project Proposal
    Day 8 Friday 10/4/19
    I will identify methods and describe how they are used to detect exoplanets.
    Exoplanets Activity
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ATtD8x7vV0-
    Research Final Project

    HW: Study for test


    Day 9 Monday 10/7/19
    Collect SS Pack
    Solar System Test
    Test Link: http://www.quia.com/quiz/3152456.html
    Work on Final Project
    HW: Final project paper + Print out next unit
    Solar System Pack
    1. H-Space Survival

    2. Density and Composition of the planets Activity
    3. Exoplanets
    4. Current Events