Unit 2 Copernican Revolution
     Copernican Revolution
    Day 1 Tuesday 10/8/19
    I will diagram how the planets appear to move backwards in reference to the stars.
    Return Pack #3
    Final Project Intro
    Notes: Ancient Astronomy
    Notes- Model of the Solar System
    HW:Cop. Rev. Vocab., Final Paper due 10/14
    Day 2 Thursday 10/10/19
    I will identify how the Copernican Revolution occurred.
    Review HW
    Return Unit 1 Test
    Retrograde Worksheet
    Notes: Big Leap-Key Individuals
    Ellipse Lab
    HW: Vocab take home quiz; Final Paper due 10/14
    1. What new ‘environment’ in the early 1700s and 1800s allow for new ideas to come about? Why does it work?
    2. What is Google’s 20% policy, why do they allow it?
    3. How did GPS come about, how was this a good example of how a new idea came about, please summarize.
    4. How should the classroom be designed to allow for this type of environment.
    Day 3 Friday 10/11/19
    I will diagram an ellipse and calculate eccentricity.
    Review HW
    Notes: Finish Key Individuals
    Ellipse Lab Finish
    Notes: Kepler's Laws
    HW: Vocab take home quiz; Final Paper due 10/14



    Day 4 Friday 10/11/19
    I will calculate the orbital properties of a planet's orbit.
    Review all vocab.
    Kepler Practice Quiz
    Kepler Follow Up Activity
    Questions no one knows the answers to
    Notes: Newton's Laws
    HW: Finish Classwork + Quia Vocab.; Final Paper due 10/14
    Day 5 Monday 10/14/19
    I will apply Kepler's Laws to the solar system.
    Paper should be submitted on OneNote

    Review Kepler worksheets
    Unit 2- Copernican Quiz (Quiz #2)
    Notes: Newton

    HW: Final Project
    Day 6 Tuesday 10/15/19
    I will calculate the gravitaional effects of my weight and jumping length on different solar system objects.
    Review HW
    Notes: Newton
    Notes: Escape Velocity
    Escape Velocity Simulation

    HW: Finish gravity lab
    Day 7 Thursday 10/17/19
    I will apply concepts of the Copernican Revolution Unit on an assessment.
    Collect Pack #2
    Copernican Revolution Test
    HW: Research: Final Project
    Chapter walk through
    HW: Final Project + Print out next unit

    Escape Velocity Visualization

    Copernican Revolution Pack #2
    1. Retrograde

    2. Ellipse Lab
    3. Kepler Practice Quiz
    4. Where good ideas come from
    5.  Escape Velocity Visualization
    6. Current Events for this unit