• Naked Eye Astronomy

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    Day 1 Wednesday 10/16/19
    I will identify key features of an engaging presentation.

    Select Presentation Dates
    Guest Speaker: Mr. Pecic


    Day 2 Friday 10/18/19
    I will explain what  a light year is and how it is used in Astronomy.
    Current event, Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Notes: Sci-Notation-Parallax
    Parralax Lab


    Day 3 Monday 10/21/19
    I will convert large and small numbers into scientific notation.
    Current event, Astronomy Picture of the Day
    1.  Bryce R.
    2. Aidan B
    3. Molly K.
    Notes: Parallax- Light Years


    Day 4 Tuesday 10/22/19
    I will calculate vast distances in space and space travel.
    Current event, Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Review HW
    4. Chris L
    5. Brendan W.
    6. Skylar J.
    Quiz #1 http://www.quia.com/quiz/5668751.html
    Looking out is looking back
    Notes: Near-Far
    Video: Hyperspace- Are We Alone
    HW: Unit 1 Vocab Assignment +
    Day 5 Wednesday 10/23/19
    I will describe and diagram the reason why Earth has seasons.
    Finish Hyperspace
    Notes- Horoscopes-Diurnal Motion-Celestial Coordinates
    HW:Unit 1 Vocab, Final Project
    Day 6 Thursday 10/24/19
    I will locate stars and constellations based on their right ascension and declination.
    Review HW
    7. Jack M.
    8. Gianna C.
    9. Shannon R.
    Notes: Celestial Coordinates
    Activity: "Celestial Coordinates"
    HW: Final Project
    Day 7 Friday 10/25/19
    I will diagram the moon phases and eclipse.
    Review HW
    10. Dave S.
    11. Andrew B.
    12. Max K.
    Motion of the Moon
    Notes: Motion of the Moon Eclipses
    HW: Final Project;Phases of the Moon

    Moon Phases Great Visual

    Day 8 Monday 10/28/19
    I will identify evidence that humans have been to the moon.
    13. Brian C.
    14. Chris E.
    15. Lou C.
    Eclipses WS
    Notes: Finish
    Video: Moon Conspiracy
    HW: Final Project


    Day 9 Tuesday 10/29/19
    I will identify various features on the moon.
    16. Derrick T.
    17. Isabella L.
    18. Joe M.
    Video: Moon Conspiracy
    Kahoot Review
    HW:Study for Test; Final Project
    Pack #1
    Naked Eye
    1. Scientific Notation
    2. Parallax
    3. Light Year
    4. Celestial Coordinates
    5. Eclipses
    6. Moon Conspiracy
    7. Current Events
    Day 10 Wednesday 10/30/19
    I will apply concepts of unit 1 on the test.
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    Naked Eye Astronomy Test
    Day 11 Thursday 10/31/19

    19. Drew W.
    20. Jordan S.
    21. MIke K.
    22. Shannon G.
    Day 12 Friday 11/1/19

    23.Anthony M.
    24. Sam H.
    25. Nate H.
    26. Johanna P.