• Introduction to Earth and the Ocean
    Day 1 Tuesday 11/12/19

    Collect History of Ocean Packs
    History of Oceanography Quiz
    Notes- The Big Bang- Latitude/Longitude
    Start Earth Diagram
    HW: Finish up to ____ Earth Diagram


    Day 2 Wednesday 11/13/19
    Finish Earth Diagram
    Notes- Chart Projections- Natural Cycles
    Physiographic Oceanography
    HW: Unit 2 Vocab: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4353287.html


    Day 3 Thursday 11/14/19
    Return History of Oceanography Quiz
    Finish Physiographic Oceanography
    Drifting with the RV Yaquina
    HW: Vocab-http://www.quia.com/quiz/4353287.html


    Day 4 Friday 11/15/19
    Continue RV Yaquina
    Marine Biology Final Project
    HW: Voca- http://www.quia.com/quiz/4353287.html

    Marine Bio Project- See Front Page


    Day 5 Monday 11/18/19
    Notes- Chart Projections- Scientific Notation
    Reading:Start "The Ocean System" See day 6;
    List unfamiliar words, and a summary.
    HW: Finish RV Yaquina



    Day 6 Tuesday 11/19/19
    Scientific Notation Practice WS
    Notes- Distribution of Land/Water- Modern Navigation
    The Ocean System Reading- Unfamiliar words + Summary
    Pick Your Marine Biology Organism-Research

    HW: Study for test and Intro to Earth Pack
    Intro to Earth Pack:
    1. Physiographic Oceanography
    2. Earth Diagram
    3. RV Yaquina
    4. Scientific Notation
    5. The Ocean System
    Day 7 Wednesday 11/20/19
    Collect Intro to Earth Pack
    Intro to Earth Test
    Reading: Arctic Landgrab
    HW: Marine Biology Final Project Paper Due_________