• History Of Oceanography
    Alvin- Woods Hole Institute

    Day 1 Thursday 11/7/19
    Assign Seats
    Read through Syllabus
    Student Data Profile
    Distribute Textbooks

    Onenote Setup, Quia.com
    Start Oceanography Pretest


    Day 2 Friday 11/8/19
    Finish Pretest
    Notes: History of Oceanograpy
    Reading: Voyage of the Challenger

    HW: Finish Challenger Reading

    Day 3 Monday 11/11/19
    History of Oceanography Notes- Finish

    World Map Activity
    HW: Study for quiz

    History of Oceanography Pack
    1. Pretest
    2. Voyage of the Challenge
    3. World Map Geography
    4. Current Events

    Day 4 Tuesday 11/12/19
    Quiz Link: http://www.quia.com/quiz/3473775.html
    Start Intro to Earth Unit