Day 1 Tuesday 3/19/19
    Goal: I will identify major and minor characteristics of my signature.
    1. Do now
    2. Return/review Impression Evidence Unit Pack(s)
    3. Intro to forgery activity
    4. Questioned documents notes
    5. Simulated forgery activity
    8 Hot Dog pages 423 to 428 (Stop reading at
    "Factors that Can Affect Handwriting")
    Please Print:
    Simulated Forgery
    Don't Print:

    Day 2 Wednesday 3/20/19

    I will analyze and describe individual characteristics of my signature
    1. Do Now/Return Packs
    2. Finish Simulated Forgery Lab 
    3. Check Forgery Lab (Due Day 5)
    4. HW: Text pages 428-433, 8, Hotdog style

    Day 3 Thursdsay 3/21/19

    I will identify fradulent checks based on an analysis of signatures

    1. Do now/Return FP Tests/Check HW

    2. Finish question document notes

    3. Forgery Lab


    -Finish typewriter activity

    -Page 433-438 6 Hot Dog 


    Day 4 Friday 3/22/19
    I will identify fraudulent checks based on an analysis of signatures
    1. Check HW/Do Now
    2 Check Forgery Lab
    3. HW: Quia Vocab Review: 
    (open till day 7)

    Day 5 Monday 3/25/19

    I will identify and describe how handwriting was used as evidence in the Lindbergh case.
    1. Do now
    2. Collect Check labs

    3. Lindbergh case study

    Quia Vocab Review: 

    (open till day 7)

    Day 6 Tuesday 3/26/19

    I will determine the source of different inks based on chromatography.

    1. Do now

    2. Lindbergh Video Quiz- Quia.

    2. Chromatography of inks lab


    Finish chromatograhpy of inks lab

    See Day 4 for vocab review link

    Day 7 Wednesday 3/27/19

    I will identify how question documents were used by the primary character in the film "Catch Me If You Can"

    1. Do now

    2. View "Catch Me If You Can"

    3. Discuss movie

    HW: Tattle Tale Type Lab (One Note)
    Type Writer Forgery

    Day 8 Thursday 3/28/19
    I will describe in detail how Frank Abagnale used forgery for various question documents.
    1. Do now

    2. Continue viewing "Catch Me If You Can"

    3. A House Divided


    Specialist Project
    Please Print:
    A House Divided

    Day 8 Friday 3/29/19

    I will identify a question document that has been 'destroyed' of a loan scandal.

    1. Do now

    2. Discuss movie and the real Frank Abagnale

    3. A House Divided

    HW: Finish House Divided, Section:
    Day 9 Monday 4/1/18
    I will identify a question document that has been 'destroyed' of a loan scandal.
    1. Finish A House Divided
    2. Complete Pack
    3.Kahoot Review!
    HW: Study for Test
    Blood-Serology Notes
    Day 9 Tuesday 4/2/19
    I will apply concepts of questions documents and serology on the assessment. 
    1. Collect Pack

    2. Question Documents Quiz

    Question Doc. Pack
    1. Simulated Forgery Activity

    2. 22 Hot Dog Questions

    3. Chromotography Of Inks Lab

    4. Catch Me If You Can

    5. A House Divided
    6. Current Events