• Fingerprints Unit
    Day 1 Wednesday 2/27/19
    I will identify the pros and cons of the Bertillonage Measurement system.
    1. Do now
    2. Fingerprints notes
    3. Bertillonage lab
    4. Bertillonage discussion
    Reading assignment (online text)

    Fingerprints 1 Notes

    --Fold your piece of paper in half length-wise (hot dog fold)
    --List chapter title and all headings from
    pages 21-25 .
    --In the left column of your page, write a question you have about 8 different concepts
    --After you are finished reading the section, answer your question in the right hand column.

    Day 2 Thursday 2/28/19
    1. Do Now
    2. Review Bertillonage Lab and discuss
    3. Fingerprint Notes
    4. Fingerprint practice activity
    HW: Review fingerprint patterns

     Fingerprints 2 Notes

    Day 3 Tuesday 3/5/19
    I will identify fingerprint patterns and specific minituia on their prints.
    1. Finish Fingerprint Practice Lab 1
    2 Fingerprinting Challenge Activity

    3. Return/Review Unit Test
    4. Personal Fingerprint ID Lab
    HW: Hotdog of fingerprint text pages 26-30 8 Q&A's

    Fingerprint Challenge

    Extra FP Resources, don't print: http://dhi.health.state.nm.us/elibrary/cchspmanual/fingerprint_manual.pdf

    Day 4 Wednesday 3/6/19

    I will identify fingerprint patterns and specific minituia on their prints.
    1. Review HW
    2. Personal Fingerprint Lab
    3. Taking fingerprints correctly
    1. Review fingerprint patterns and minutiae (quiz Day 6)
    2. Fingerprint Review WS 1-5

    Fingerprint Textbook

    Fingerprint Review

    Day 5 Tuesday/Friday
    I will identify fingerprint patterns and specific minituia on their prints.
    1. Do now
    2. Personal FP Lap
    HW: Study for fingerprinting quiz; Fingerprint Review WS 6-9

    Name That Fingerprint!

    Please Print: Sticky Fingers

    Please Print: Fingerprints 3 Notes

    Wednesday 3/13/19
    I will learn from an expert detective about proper protocol for fingerprinting procedures.
    1. Guest Speaker- Detective John Schlotter
    Day 7 Thursday 3/7/19
    I will calculate my personal Henry Numbers for my personal fingerprints
    1. Do now
    2. Fingerprint Quiz: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4213739.html
    3. Finish Personal Fingerprint Lab
    4. Henry number activity part A/collect fingerprint labs
    HW: Fingerprint Review WS 10-13
    Print out part 4 notes
    Please Print: Fingerprints 4 Notes
    Day 8 Thursday 3/7/19
    I will statistically analyze class fingerprint data. 
    1. Do now
    2. Fingerprint Notes Part 3
    3. Sticky Fingers
    365 Link
    HW: Fingerprint Review WS 14-16
    Please Print:Forensics on Trial
    Day 9 Friday 3/8/19
    I will cite examples where fingerprints were used as evidence in real cases
    1. Do now
    2. Review Sticky Fingers and Fingerprint Review
    3. Fingerprint Notes Part 4
    4. Video- Forensics On Trial
    FP Matching Review: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4215543.html
    Bring in a aluminum can- Bonus
    Day 10 Tuesday 3/12/19
    I will lift fingerprints from a challenging curved surface.
    1. Unknown spoon lab
    HW: FP Matching Review + EC- Aluminum Can!


    Please Print: Lipstick Lab

    Day 11 Thursday 3/15/19
    I will identify other methods to retreive fingerprints from other services.
    1. Do now
    2. Superglue fuming lab--part 1
    3. "Penn State Pigs" Article reading, quesitons, and discussion
    4. Superglue fuming lab--part 2
    5. HW: Lipstick! +
    Read article about identical twins and their fingerprints (see attached)
    and answer the following three questions:
    --What is meant by phenotype?
    --What does it mean to differentiate?
    --In 2 or 3 sentences, explain why identical twins have unique fingerprints.

    Twins--Fingerprints article

    Day 12 Friday 3/16/19
    I will identify areas where there are gaps in evidence processing in forensic science.
    1. Check HW
    2. Video: Forensics on Trial
    3. Discuss Penn State Pigs Article
    4. Lipstick
    HW: Finish Superglue Lb


    Day 13 Tuesday 10/16/18
    I will retrieve fingerprints through the process of superglue fuming.

    1. Check HW

    4. Lip patterns activity
    5. Twins Reading
    1. Finish superglue fuming lab questions
    2. Study for unit test--see topics
    Fingerprint Lab Pack:
    1. Bertillonage Lab
    2. Fingerprint Dusting Lab
    3. Spoon Lab
    4. Superglue Lab
    5. Lipstick Lab
    Fingerprint Classwork/HW Pack:
    1. Q and A page 21-30 (2x assignments)
    2. Fingerprint Challenge Activity
    3. Twins Analysis
    4. Fingerprint Review Sheet 1-16
    5. Henry Numbers Sheet
    6. Sticky Fingers
    7. Penn State Pigs
    8. Forensics on Trial
    9. Current Events Journal
    Day 13 Monday 3/18/19
    I will apply concepts of fingerprints on the assessment.
    1. Collect Fingerprint Packs
    2. Fingerprint Test
    3. HW: Print out Question Documents Notes
    Fingerprint Test Topics
    • History of fingerprints (William Herschel; AlphonseBertilon; Edward Henry; anthropometry; Bertillonage system; Henry system; Will and William West case)
    • Classification of fingerprints (Loop, arch, whorl—and all of their
    subcategories; minutiae)
    • Fingerprints as evidence (what makes fingerprints useful for
    identification; matches based on minutiae—how many?; AFIS and IAFIS; CODIS;
    IBIS; types of evidentiary prints—patent, latent, plastic)
    • Latent fingerprint development (Composition of latent print residue;
    Physical methods of print enhancement—powder dusting, magnetic powder dusting;
    SPR; Chemical methods of print enhancement—silver nitrate, iodine fuming,
    ninhydrin, cyanoacrylate fuming, physical developer; Special illumination)
    • Article Readings (Review questions answered for articles “WhyIdentical Twins have Unique Fingerprints” and “Cold Case: Penn State Pigs” and for video “Forensics on Trial”)