• Impression Evidence Unit
    See the source image
    Day 1 Monday/Tuesday 5/6/19
    I will identify individual evidence on my shoe tread.
    2. Return QD/S/DNA Packs
    3. Soil and Footwear Evidence Notes
    4. Footwear Activity
    Read online text pages 361-368 10 "Hot Dog" Q&A

    Soil and Footwear Notes

    Day 2 Wednesday 5/7/19
    I will cast an impression of my footprint.

    1. Do now
    2. Footwear evidence Notes
    3. Footprint Cast Lab

    Answer these questions

    1. Name and briefly describe four methods of enhancing footwear impressions
    2. What areas are examined in a footwear-impression
    3. What is the purpose of making known impressions of shoes during an examination
    4. What information can a shoe print provide in an investigation? Name at least three
    5. Are class characteristics or individual characteristics normally used to eliminate a shoe?
    Day 3 Thursday 5/8/19
    I will dust for a 2-D shoe print from my desk. 
    1. Do now
    3. Ch. 18 case study reading, questions, and discussion
    4. Footlength to height lab

    HW: Impression Evidence Vocab Review:
    (Open till Day 6 midnight)
    Day 4 Monday 5/13/19
    I will identify patterns based on footwear evidence.
    1. Do now
    2. Casting a 3-D shoe lab
    3. He Tries Men's Soles: 
    Please read Article -->
    and write reflection/table- pros and cons
    of using Hardin's 'evidence' in court.
    Impression Evidence Vocab Review:
    (Open till Day 6 midnight)
    Foot Length to Height
    He Tries Mens Soles

    Day 5 Tuesday 5/14/19

    I will attempt to idenitify individual and class characteristics from dental impressions.
    1. Dental Forensics Lab
    2. Tool Impression Notes
    HW: Footwear practice quiz- 
    (open till Day 8 midnight)
    Day 6 Wednesday 5/15/19
    1. Tool Impression Notes
    2  Tool Impression Lab 
    3. Unknown Impression Lab
    See day 5 if not complete
    Day 7 Thursday 5/16/19
    I will identify how impressions of tools can be used as evidence. 
    1. Do Now

    2. Unknown impression lab
    3. Soil Notes/Triangle

    4. Tire Notes
    3. HW: Tool Impression Evidence

    Tool Marks the Spot Lab

    Tire Notes

    Day 8 Friday 5/17/19
    I will identify an unknown tool based on impression evidence. 
    1. Do now
    2. Tire Lab (Part A)

    3. Tire Notes
    4. Tire Impression Lab (Part B)
    1. Finish Tool Impression lab
    2. See Day 7


    Day 9 Friday 5/17/19

    I will identify individual and class evidence from tires.

    1. Do now
    2. Tire lab
    3. Ballistic Notes
    Tire Review Questions and lab questions

    Ballistics Notes


    Day 10 Monday 5/20/19

    I will diagram the differences between a pistol and a revolver.
    1. Do now
    2. Ballistics Notes
    3. Ballistics Lab
    1. Finish Tire lab questions
    2. Ballistics Review-(use the ballistics text to answer the questions below) Ballistics Review Questions
    Impression Evidence Labs:
    a. Analyzing My Own Shoes
    c. Casting a 3-D shoe lab
    d. Footprint to Height Lab
    e. Tool Impression Lab
    f. Tool Marks the Spot
    g. Dental Lab
    h. Tire Lab

    Day 11 Tuesday 5/21/19

    I will identify the individual evidence of ballistics.
    1. Do Now/Check HW
    1a. Collect Impression Evidence Labs
    2. Ballistic Notes

    3. Ballistic Labs
    5. HW: Study, study for Impression Evidence Unit Test (soils, footwear, tools, tires and ballistics)

     Cold Case JFK

    Day 12 Wednesday 5/22/19
    I will investigate the theories of the JFK shootings.
    Ballistics Labs
    The Magic Loogie
    Start Notes: Criminal Mind
    HW: Study for Test + Pack
    Day 13 Thursday 5/23/19
    I will apply concepts of impression evidence on the test.
    Impression Evidence Unit Test

    Complete Unit 6: Print out Criminal Mind Docs
    Impression Pack
    1. 361-368 10 "Hot Dog" Q&A
    2. Day 2 Questions
    3. Chapter 18 Case Studies
    4. He Tries Mens' Soles Table and Reflection
    5. Ballistic Review Quest.
    6. JFK Documentary
    7. Ballistics Lab
    8. Current Events