• Trace Evidence
    Day 1 Wednesday 4/3/19
    I will identify the major parts and types of microscopes. 
    1. Return CSI Packs
    2. Microscope parts review
    3. Trace evidence notes
    4. Trace evidence crossword
    1. Complete take home quiz: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4137208.html
    Don't Print
    Day 2 Thursday 4/4/19
    I will compare and contrast a compound and binocular microscope. 
    1. Do now
    2. Review Microscope parts
    3. Microscope Review Activty (both scopes)
    4. Trace Evidence Lab Intro #1-Stereo-binocular microscope
    Complete http://www.quia.com/quiz/4137208.html
    Please Print: 
    Hair Notes

    Day 3 Friday 4/5/19
    I will interpret various materials under the binocular microscope.
    1. Do now
    2. Return/review QD test
    3. Finish Intro Lab
    4. Begin Hair as Evidence notes
    1. Finish Microanalysis Lab

    Day 4 Monday 4/8/19
    I will interpret various materials under the binocular microscope.
    1. Do now
    2. Continue Hair as Evidence notes
    3. Hair Analysis Lab (Finish TE Lab)
    HW: Read pages 51-57 10 Hot Dog
    Don't Print
    Hair Textbook
    Fold your piece of paper in half length-wise (hot dog fold)
    --List chapter title and all headings
    --In the left column of your page, write a question you have about each section heading.
    --After you are finished reading the section, answer your question in the right hand column.

    Hair Evidence Lab
    Day 5 Tuesday 4/9/19
    I will identify the variuos parts of hair and how they differ.
    1. Do now
    2. Hair Analyis Lab
    3. FSpecialist Paper Work time
    4. HW: Online text 62 1-10 Q and A
    Class Evidence and Probability
    Day 6 Wednesday 4/10/19
    I will identify the variuos parts of hair and how they differ. 
    1. Do Now
    2. Probability- Hair Analysis
    2. FSpecialist Work time
    HW:Online text page 63-64 11-19, copy/paste into OneNote, FS project proposal Day 10
    I will identify the different types of fibers.
    1. Do now
    2. Hair ID Guide Presentation
    4 Fibers Notes

    1. Review notes
    Day 7 Thursday 4/11/19
    I will identify how trace evidence was used to convict Wayne Williams.
    1. Do Now
    4. Fiber Notes
    4. Fibers I lab
    3. Wayne Williams Case Study
    4. HW: Hair and Fiber HW Review-

    Fibers noteguide--chem. comp

    Day 8 Friday 4/12/19
    I will idenity how different fabrics are weaved together. 
    1. Do Now
    2. Finish Case Study
    4. Notes- Weaves
    5. Weave Lab (N/A)
    6. Chemical Composition NOtes
    HW: Finish Weave Lab Questions
    Day 9 Monday 4/15/19
    I will identify chemical properties of fibers through burn tests.
    1. Do Now
    2. Chemical Composition Notes
    3. Fiber Burn Lab
    3. Homework: Fiber Burn Lab Questions
    Day 10 Tuesday 4/16/19
    I will identify chemical properties of fibers through chemical tests.
    1. Do Now
    2. Finish Fiber Burn Lab
    3. Trace Evidence Video
    4. Glass as trace evidence notes
    HW: Make sure these labs are complete and on One Note -------->
    1. Microscope Review Activity (upside down e)
    2. Trace Evidence Lab
    3. Hair Analysis Lab
    4. Probability and Hair Analysis
    5. Fiber ID Lab
    6. Fibers Burn Lab
    I will identify properties of fibers through the process of thermal decomposition.
    1. Do Now
    2. Thermal Decomposition Lab
    3. HW: Read Glass Text (see documents) 5 Questions Hotdog Style + TE Review Quia
    Please Print: 

    Glass Text- Do not Print

    Day 11 Wednesday 4/17/19
    I will identify how a glass fracture pattern was produced.
    1. Do now
    2. Collect Labs
    3. Physical (fracture) Matches notes
    4. Physical (fracture) Matches activity
    1. Trace Evidence Review: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4168938.html

    Glass Lab- Please Print

    Definition of trace evidence
    Types of microscopes
    Total magnification calculation
    Parts of a compound light microscope
    Hair (including parts of hair and differences
    between human and animal hair)
    Fibers (three types and examples of,
    physical and chemical composition,
    3 main weave patterns)
    Physical (fracture) Matches Glass
    (including characteristics, fracture, and RI)
    Methods for collecting trace evidence
    Wayne Williams (why was his case so significant?)
    All labs

    Day 12 Monday 4/22/19
    I will identify the various forms of fracturs and the sequential order that they follow.
    1. Do now
    2. Glass Fractures Lab
    3. Refractive Index of Glass notes

    4. Reading: Seeing Through Glass

    5. TE Review Game
    1. Study for Trace Evidence Unit Test


    I will determine the refractive index of glass through variuos forms of mediums.
    1. Do now
    2. Refractive Index of Glass Notes- finish
    3. RI of glass lab

    1. Complete Day 14 Review-quia.com/
    Study for Trace Evidence Unit Test
    Day 17
    Trace Evidence Pack
    1. Microscope Parts
    2. All Hot Dogs (hair and glass)
    3. Wayne Williams Case Study
    4. Glass fracture lab
    5. Seeing through glass
    6. Current Events Journal from day 1 of TE Unit 

    Day 13 Tuesday 4/23/19

    I will apply concept of trace evidence on the assessment.
    1. Do now and questions
    2. Collect TE Pack
    3. Trace Evidence Unit Test
    Test- http://www.quia.com/quiz/4169312.html
    HW: Print out Fingerprint Notes