• Crime Scene Investigation

    Day 1 Tuesday 1/29/19

    I will identify how 9/11 Forensic Scientist worked on a very large crime scene.

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    Course Syllabus, Movie/Lab Permission Slip

    Laptops Assignments

    1. Teacher Website- Favorite
    2. Quia.com
    3. OneNote
    4. Phone- Remind

    5. Reading- Forward of Textbook
    1. Sign and return by Day 2:
    --Course permission slips/Lab Safety

    Day 2 Wednesday 1/30/19
    I will use partial evidence to make conclusions of a
    larger scene.
    1. Do now--attention to detail
    2. Introduce Current Event Assignment
    3. "The Great Puzzle Mystery" Activity
    4. Begin History of Forensics notes
    1. Read Ch. 1 (pages 1 to 9) and complete Ch. 1
    vocabulary and questions sheet (Use this link for the
    textbook online:
    2. Current Event HW
    Day 3 Thursday 1/31/19
    I will identify and describe the contributions of
    forensic scientists of the past.
    1. Do now
    2. History of Forensics notes/Ch. 10 notes
    3. Memory/eye witness activity
    4. Ch. 10 notes (continued)
    5. Documentation of crime scene web building

    1. Read first portion of Chapter 10 (pages 1 to 11)
    and complete Unit 2 vocab homework:
    2. Hollywood vs. Real World (Due Day 8)
    3. Current Event HW
    Day 4 Friday 2/1/19
    I will identify and define the 4 parts to documenting a crime scene.
    1. Do now
    2. Ch. 10 notes
    3. Documentation of crime scene web building activity
    6. Ted Talk http://www.ted.com/talks/scott_fraser_the_problem

    1. Read first portion of Chapter 10 (pages 1 to 11)
    and complete Unit 2 vocab homework:
    2. Hollywood vs. Real World (Due Day 8)
    3. Current Event HW

    What evidence was never found for this case?

    What is reconstructed memory?

    After the reconstruction of the crime scene, what was the main factor that contradicted eyewitness and the investigators CSI report?

    How is the scientific method used by Scott Fraser, use examples?

    What is Scott Fraser's request?
    Please Print:
    Deadly Picnic
    Day 5 Monday 2/4/19
    I will reconstruct a crime scene of a picnic based on various forms of evidence.
    1. Do now
    2. Deadly Picnic
    3. Begin Indoor Crime Scene Sketching Lab
    Read first portion of Chapter 10 (pages 12-22 (125-134) and
    complete- http://www.quia.com/quiz/4353081.html
    + Hollywood vs. Real World
    Current Event HW
    Day 6 Tuesday 2/5/19
    I will continue to sketch the indoor classroom crime scene.
    1. Do now
    2. Indoor Crime Scene Sketching Lab
    Crime Scene Protocol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur1GxXZGnNI
    1. Answer questions at the end of the chapter on page "134" online Chapter 8, numbers 6, 10, (16, 17, 19, and 20 are not online, see right column) (answer in complete sentences)
    16. A "walk-thru" is the ____________ scene survey.
    17. Trace evidence like hairs and fibers are packaged in _________ __________ as primary containers and then placed in secondary containers.
    19. A ________________ ___________ is used  to maintain a list of all personnel enter/exiting a secured crime scene.
    20. Documentation of a crime scene is _______________ and never stops.
    Day 7 Wednesday 2/6/19
    I will continue to sketch and document the indoor crime scene.
    1. Do now
    2. Indoor Crime Scene Sketching Lab work time
    1. Review Ch. 1 and Ch. 10 notes
    2. Indoor CS Sketch Lab due day 9 3
    3. Hollywood vs. The Real World

    C120 Blueprint

    Day 8 Thursday 2/7/19
    I will identify misconceptions of how crime scene
    analysis is portrayed on TV
    1. Do now/Check Hollywood vs. The Real World
    2. Discuss CSI Effect
    3. Indoor crime scene sketching work time.
    1. Indoor crime scene sketching lab due tomorrow
    Day 9 Friday 2/8/10
    I will analayze a case study of a crime scene and explain how physical evidence is superior to eyewitness evidence.
    1. Do now//Collect Lab Reports
    2. Last Week Video CSI
    3. Ch. 10 case study analysis page 181,
    see questions -->

    4. Ch. 12 notes
    5. CSI Web Adventures: Rookie Training Activity
    When was the victim found?
    Describe the victim and conditions upon discovery.
    Do a simple sketch.
    Summarize the suspects' eyewitness account of the shooting.
    Be sure to mention the location of the victim when shot, the location of the shooter, and the involvement of the pillow.
    Explain 3 ways in which analysis of physical evidence disproved the eyewitness account.
    Day 10 Monday 2/11/19
    I will explore a specific forensics topic for my specialist project.
    1. Do now
    2. "CSI WebAdventures: Rookie Training" activity
    Final Project Exploration/Current Events 
    Unit 1 Review Sheet- 1-7
    Review Ch. 1 (History of forensics), Ch. 10 (CSI), and Ch. 12 (Forensics
    Laboratory) notes
    --Unit test Day 18
    Please Print:
    Unit 1 Review
    Day 11 Wednesday 2/13/19
    I will observe a real case study of 3 crime scenes and explain proper  crime scene responsibilities.
    1. Do now
    2. Video: Cold Case Frozen in Time
    3. Start Bone Collector
    1. Unit 1 Review Packet 8-14
    2. Review notes--Unit test Day 18, (Ch. 1 History, Ch. 10 CSI, Ch. 12 Forensics Laboratory), Outdoor CS- Day 12

    Case Study:

    Take notes on what the 3 crimes were and how the evidence was collected.

    Day 12 Tuesday 2/19/19
    I will identify key features of a crime scene lab.
    1. Do now
    2. Bone Collector
    3. Discussion
    1: Finish CSI Rookie Training ((at least 2 sections)
    Day 13 Thursday 2/21/19
    I will identify good and bad techniques of CSI in the Bone Collector.
    1. Do now/Collect Outdoor Reconstruction labs

    2. Case Study Analysis- page 231
    3. Bone Collector- 'Bad/Good techniques'
    4. Discussion of BC
    1. Unit 1 Review Packet 15-21
    2. Study for unit test (ch. 1 History, ch. 10 CSI, ch. 12 forensics lab)
    CS #1
    What was the crime?
    Who was the victim?
    How was the suspect finally id?
    When was he/she ID?
    What is CODIS?
    Identify the associative evidence and then further classify it as class or individiual evidence.
    Identify the reconstructive evidence.
    CS #2
    What crime was committed?
    Who was the victim?
    What evidence led to the ID of each of the suspects?
    Day 14 Friday 2/22/19
    I will identify variables that determine an indoor and outdoor crime scene sketch.
    1. Do Now
    2. Review unit 1 review
    3. FBI Crime Lab
    5. CSI Dominoes
    HW: Unit 1 Review Packet page 2 1-4
    Day 15 Monday 2/25/19
    I will identify key features of the FBI crime scene lab.
    1. Do Now
    2. Review Unit 1 Revew Sheet
    3. CSI Dominoes
    4. FBI Crime Lab- FBI LAB
    HW: Study for Test Study for test (cheat sheet), make sure CSI Pack is complete!
    Unit 1 Pack
    1. Great Puzzle Mystery
    2. Deadly Picnic
    3. CSI Rookie Training
    4. Cold Case: Frozen in Time
    5. Case Study Analyis: Chapter 10 and 12
    6. Bone Collector Crime Scene Analysis
    7. FBI Crime Lab
    8. Unit 1 Review Sheet
    Hand In:
    9. Current Events
    10. CSI- Dominoes 
    Day 17 Tuesday 2/25/19
    I will apply concepts of CSI on the assessment.
    1. Collect Unit 1 Pack
    2. Unit Test: Ch. 1, 10, and 12; Link: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4062300.html
    HW: NONE!