• Mrs. Sharon Gulla

    Elementary Strings

    Cold Spring, Gayman, Groveland, Pine Run


  • If you need to rent an instrument from Russo Music all rentals will be done online this year:

    2. Click on “RENT AN INSTRUMENT”
    3. Under “Choose your state” select “PENNSYLVANIA”
    4. The district of “CENTRAL BUCKS” will be pre-selected.
    5. Select Your School
    6. Select the instrument
    7. Select either a 5 or 9 month lease
    8. At this point the customer will have the option to either opt in or out of the Liability Protection Plan
    9. The customer will then be taken to a review of their order thus far and will then be prompted to either Log In or create an online account
    10. Once logged in the customer will have the option to purchase additional accessories with their rental and can complete their order.


    Fun at-home Listening!

     Lindsey Stirling - Dubstep Violin

    The Piano Guys - 8 cellos and a loop pedal!

    Coldplay - Piano Guys

    Vanessa Mae - Vivaldi Techno

    2 Cellos - Smooth Criminal

    Simply Three - Wake Me Up