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  • What is happening in ART!

    Welcome ART students! We are so excited to continue creating art! As much as I will miss seeing your smiling faces, we are all accepting our new routine and will be flexible with the new challenges that may arise.

    Distance Learning Pages for each grade level are available on the tabs to the left and at this link below:

    Mrs. Theis’ Distance Learning Page

    In addition each of my schools Distance Learning Pages will also be available. Looking forward to working with you!

    Mrs. Theis

    Linden Distance Learning Page


    Kutz Elementary Distance Learning Page.


    Warwick's Distance Learning page 


    Upcoming this week in Art:

    Week 2: 3/23-3/27/20

    1st grade: Reviewing Self-Portraits. Color with your imagination. 

    2nd grade: Reviewing Blue Dog drawins. Draw any animal with shapes and color with your emotions.


    3rd grade: Reviewing architecture and symmetry. Add a creature take over to your symmetrical building. 


    4th grade: Reviewing Self-Portraits- LEGO style.


    5th grade: Reviewing drawing half an image. Choose an image and complete the picture.


    6th grade: Reviewing POP art with cartoons. Choose a logo or image to draw and change the color scheme. 


    Previous Choices found in Week 1:

    Week 1: 3/17-3/20/20

    1st grade: Reviewing what is TEXTURE?  We will be finding and creating patterns and texture, as we did on our clay owls and pinch pots.

    2nd grade: Reviewing Native Americans Dreamcatchers. We will be drawing our most recent exciting dream.


    3rd grade: Reviewing silhouettes in the African safari paintings. We will be finding where light creates shadows for silhouettes.


    4th grade: Reviewing landscapes and atmospheric perspective. We will be working on observational drawings.


    5th grade: Reviewing 1 pt. and 2 pt. perspective. Practice drawing an object or room in perspective.


    6th grade: Reviewing the value scale. As we learned figure drawing, we observed where the light hits an object creating highlights and shadows.


    Use the link to view my weekly schedule to see what day of the week your class has art- Schedule


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