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  • We are now several weeks into Phase 2 of distance learning.  Your child should be in a routine regarding when/how to access online (synchronous and asynchronous) learning activities.  

    As a reminder,your child should be in the habit of checking CB e-mail every morning.  Example sign in:  Endy.C098@student.cbsd.org   His/her password is the same that he/she uses in school.

    Detailed directions/expectations/videos can be found on the distance learning phase 2 tab of this site each day.  Your child should refer to these directions/videos as many times as necessary throughout the day to complete the assignments.

    Your child should also complete the assignment from his/her specialist each day.  Every Friday, even though there are no posted lessons, your child should visit Mr. Riley's site and Mrs. Sleicher's site to complete Friday's work.

    In addition, there are FLEX activities listed on the distance learning phase 2 tab if you would like your child to engage in some extra learning activities.

    The original Phase 2 documents are still active on this page if you would like to view them for any reason.

    I am looking forward to warmer/brighter days both literally and figuratively.  Stay healthy.



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