• Welcome to Mrs. Greenberg's Class!!
    This year I will be teaching Geometry, Geometry/Trig and Honors Pre-Calculus.  All course material and assignments will be available on OneNote.  The course calendar and homework assignments will be on Canvas.  Please use the Parent Access Links below to view this content.
    2nd Block: Canvas Link: www.cbsd.org/canvas      OneNote Link: https://cbsd.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/Section_724718/EuWcIwRN-M9AsXvuYTulCuMBgMJUMRFbPHOZd_R_x6geiw 
    3rd Block: Canvas Link: www.cbsd.org/canvas       OneNote Link: https://cbsd.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/Section_724719/ElBzBdjSh59AvjhcBtCnWUkB_fs3PCdrF7rK8ssEWfBF5w
    4th Block: Canvas Link: www.cbsd.org/canvas       OneNote Link: https://cbsd.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/Section_724728/EkhNEJdrf5BFu4LNnTXBusIBwRqHXXMr2dp7T2Y2MlamBQ
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have as the semester progresses.
    Phone: 267-893-2500 ext: 6481
    Email: mgreenberg2@cbsd.org