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    Happy Holidays! Look for a new Friday Flex this week (12/6) that will really get your heart racing!


    Grades 3-6 have started preliminary fitness tests. Students know that the main goal of fitness tests is to track personal improvement over the course of an extended period of time. Our main tests will be push-ups, sit-ups and the PACER test. When we return from the winter break, students in these older grades will be engaging in a series of net games (pickle ball, badminton and Volleyball)


    Grades 1-2 continue to develop sport specific skills and continue to practice locomotor skills. Games at this level revolve around skill practice.The goal is to help students feel confident being active in a number of different activities that involve a number of different skills.


    Kindergarten students are dialed in on locomotor skills (galloping, shuffling, skipping etc.) These students are building coordination and beginning to practice sport specific skills and team concepts.