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    Welcome to CB South Photography - If you need black and white film or light-sensitive photographic paper, you can purchase them in the school store during lunch. Film is $5.00 per roll and photo paper is $24.00 per pack.
    Attention Photographers! Please come prepared on your first photography class with your 35 mm SLR camera. Your camera needs to have the capability of full manual operation. A 50mm lens is all we will use. Check the camera to make sure it’s light meter is working for it might need a new battery. Below are camera dealers if needed for black and white film, repairs, cameras or batteries. Looking forward to seeing you and your camera.

    Sincerely - Mrs. Janney-Horan - ejanney@cbsd.org


    Cardinal Camera-215-855-4818 - http://cardinalcamera.com

    Rutherford’s-215-348-4221- http://www.rutherfordcamera.com

    New York Camera-215-357-6222 - http://www.nycv.com

    New Hop Camera- (215) 862-9333 - https://newhopephoto.com 


    Courses instructed: Photography 1-4, Drawing and Painting and Intro to Ceramics.

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