(formerly known as The Monthly Robe)

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    Important Announcements & Info:   
    • 7th and 8th Grade Robe Choir members - fill out the survey here to sign up to run for office next year.  PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION AT THE TOP OF THE SURVEY CAREFULLLY.  It gives you directions for a 30 second video that you need to record and share with Mr. Glaser prior to the election date of May 24th.  
    • Rehearsal/performance calendar is updated through JUNE! Click the calendar page to view the Google calendar!  
    • Contact Mr. Glaser at any point during the year if you want to join the AV club (which helps with lighting, sound, video editing, etc.).  The AV club typically meets once a month after school and also occasionally during I & E period.  
    This Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    M 6/5 - NONE
    T 6/6 - 2 H-Factor performances (during I & E for regional autistic support classes, then 7PM at Manor at Yorktown - 6:40 report, done at 8)
    W 6/7 - 9th Grade Robe Members - 2:45-3:45/ALL H-Factor 3:30-5
    Th 6/8 - 7th Grade Talent Show Rehearsal 2:45-4
    F 6/9 - NONE
    Next Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    M 6/12 - 9th Grade Robe Members - 2:45-3:45/All H-Factor 3:30-5
    T 6/13 - 8th & 9th Grade Talent Show Rehearsal 2:45-5
    W 6/14 - 9th Grade Robe Members - 2:45-3:45/All H-Factor 3:30-5
    Th 6/15 - H-Factor and 9th Grade Robe Members perform for final assemblies
    Upcoming Performances/Special Events
    Th 6/15 - Last Day Of School - H-Factor & 9th Grade Robe Members perform 
    • Robe Choir Officers 2022-23:
      • President - Sarah MacLean
      • Vice President - Damon Baierschmidt
      • Executive Committee
        • Victoria Bottino
        • Matt Fean
        • Emery Foster
        • Lily Frazier
        • Charlotte Haubrich
        • Saleena Khan
        • Aubrey Pecic
        • Emma Watters
        • Abby Wojewodka
        • Santi Zarate Martinez
       The rehearsal and performance schedule for all choral groups is updated regularly on Mr. Glaser's calendar page.