• Mrs. Berman's Second Grade

  • Week of 6/8-6/12

    This Week's Agenda


    Click the above link for this week's agenda. Please feel free to print it for a weekly overview or check it each day on the computer. If printable activities are assigned, they will be posted here on the website for you to print if you choose.  All activities are posted and to be submitted via Seesaw. If you choose to print activities, please take a picture of them and post them to the appropriate activity in Seesaw for me to view. 



    Please be sure to check the specialist's Seesaw page for the special your child has each day to complete the assigned activities.


    Here is what we will be learning this last full week! :



    For this last week, we will continue working on book choices and independent reading as our year comes to a close. Students may choose a CHAPTER book from EPIC at their independent level or a book at home if they prefer. Each day, students will respond on Seesaw and indicate the 2 chapters they read as well as write a summary and a prediction for their chapters. I am looking for comprehension of independently read material through these activities, as well as written responses to literature. Summaries should be complete sentences with enough information to demonstrate understanding. 




    This week in writing, students have the OPTION to publish their fairy tale writing! They can choose to publish a good copy in their Young Author book, plain paper, or type it on the computer! This is totally OPTIONAL!  Another activity option is for students to read their fairy tale into Seesaw (video or just audio recording) and post it for ALL CLASSMATES to listen and comment. This will be a fun way to share their hard work with their peers.

    On Thursday, students will give advice to next year's second graders--they can choose to write on the slides in Seesaw, or answer the questions in video format. This should be fun :)




    This week, students will learn to make change on Monday, and then finish the year with a review activity on Wednesday. 

    Calendar Math and Daily Lessons are posted in Seesaw or PDF's with linked videos can be accessed below.

    Your child should watch all of the videos before working on the lesson pages to learn how the Math Coach is presenting the information. This is important. "Try" activities are in the lesson for your child to complete, but the Math Coach provides assistance with this and your child can watch the video first and then try, or try and then watch to check. If your child gets stuck, go back and watch the video of the Math Coach again. 

    The "independent practice" portion of the lesson is what I am looking at to see if a student understands the new material presented. Please allow them to try this on their own once the rest of the portions are complete.

    Monday Math for Students

    Wednesday Math Student Activities



    Notes about student work:

    Please understand and remind your child of the following:

    • I am assessing understanding of new concepts through work submission via Seesaw--I will comment on the work and "send back" if there are areas for your child to revise or refine. This is part of the learning process. Please be sure he/she checks the Seesaw "INBOX" later in the day to see if there are any corrections to be made--my comments are meant to provide feedback in the learning process.

    • I encourage students to use the "text box" and typing feature in Seesaw to add responses rather than hand write them into the document online. Handwritten responses on the computer are difficult to read, and without a stylus, can be frustrating for your child. Typing is a new skill that we have been working on all year in the classroom, and this will continue to provide them with practice. 

    • If you do take a photo of student work, please be sure it is close up and clear. Please preview the photo before submitting.


    Thank you for everything you have done over these past few months to support your child! Your kindness, patience, and flexibility has made this challenging time easier, and I could not have asked for a better group of families!



    Please visit my DISTANCE LEARNING page for helpful links, archived agendas if needed, and additional resources for remote learning. 















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