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    Monday, January 27, 2020

  • Welcome parents and students! When in my Physical Education class, you will be working in 4 realms or components of learning so you are not just "Physically Educated" but completely educated. Your class activities will be planned for you to encompass all of the realms to help improve the complete child. These skills will be life skills that can be taken with you this year and into the future!
    Physical Education IS :
    P - Physical : The Physical component is the development of the body; including strength and endurance, the development of skills, and the develop of coordination to make the physical attributes contribute to successful skills.
    E - Emotional : The Emotional component is the development of resiliency in the face of failure, humility when successful, and tolerance when working with others that may not share the same views.
    I - Intellectual : The Intellectual component of PE is the development of problem solving skills to accomplish individual and group problem activities. It also encompasses the ability to utilize others to help improve group and individual performances. The intellectual component for health and fitness also allows individuals to use fitness scores to set personal fitness goals.
    S - Social : The Social component is the development of relationships and sharing of ideas with people of different backgrounds, ideals, and opinions to function productively for the greater good.